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EDAP Planning Group, April 18, 2011 Meeting Minutes

Energy Descent Action Plan Team

Planning Group Meeting, Monday April 18, 2011

Synopsis Minutes

Location: at Travis’s house.


Attendees:  J.C. Walker, Jr. (new member), David MacLeod, Monica Sjursen, Kyler Royce (new member), Travis Linds, Linda Fels, Francis Ayley, Tris Shirley (Facilitator)


1.       Irene was granted an excused absence – and that explains the sparse minutes.

2.       We confirmed the decision that our audience will eventually be the entire population of Whatcom County.  It will begin with those presently active in TW and expand outward as more people become interested in and/or recognize the need for the information we will offer.

3.       We agreed that we should be using the Discussion feature of our Work Group page on the TW Ning site.  This is to encourage comment from all those who are following our work and to organize and publicize our own thinking prior to real meetings.

4.       We decided to select a working title for our information resource.  We can worry about a final name later when we understand it better.  Linda Fels will create a Discussion for that.

5.       Linda will also ask for Work Group name suggestions, since EDAP will no longer be appropriate.

6.       Tris will start a Discussion about the purpose of our information resource and try to include the main elements discussed at this meeting in a Discussion comment.

7.       Travis will start a Discussion about information resource content that will include samples of existing document contents.  This will prime us for a discussion of content at the next meeting.

8.       We agreed that we should establish some guidelines for written submissions to the information resource.  We should ensure some level of consistency in scholarship and presentation.  Tris will email Irene to see if she knows of any document standards that might be useful.

9.       We celebrated the conclusion of another fabulous meeting. Good times were had by all.


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Comment by Heather K on April 26, 2011 at 11:40am

Thanks for posting the meeting notes!

It would be helpful to have the links posted to our EDAP group of the two Forum/Discussions being started by Tris & Travis. 

Meeting #6 at Travis home is next Mon May 2nd -

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