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Dreaming the Future; Acting the Present


Dreams are attractive,

the Present is decisive,

wading through the mud,

singing in the trees,

What is Transition?

What is the long term result?


Transition is a tool,

the result is always remade,

driving through the wilderness,

looking for the light,

dawn takes us by suprise,

and draws us into another day.


Efforts are taken,

powers are harnessed,

driving toward an unseen future,

hoping for a lovely arrival,

thankfully another day arrives,

we have another chance,

all is not lost,

new things to be found.


What to hold on to? friends, family, productivity,

the world will not stop in its tracks for me,

like a poem or a book.

Driving on through endless time,

forgiving, forgetting, and hopefully inspiring.




You ask-


    What is this all about for a TWOG Blog Post?


I Respond-  

       With no coherent vision to offer, no applicable idea, I suggest a bit of light and lyrycism. It's an attempt to draw a feeling of Transition Whatcom; poetry in contrast to analysis.



Kyler Boyes

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Comment by Heather K on July 12, 2011 at 1:11am
Kyler, the purity of your presence & smile is poetry....thanks for acting your dream twogging in our community.

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