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After spending a number of months without passing south of Burlington a trip to eastern Washington provided me with a number of realizations. 

Communities throughout the US are making great steps towards local resiliency, food security and addressing an uncertain future.  But the intensity and innovative energy present in our corner of the north-north-west-west goes above and beyond the current standards of our nation.  Our civic leaders are pushing the envelope of green development.  Professionals in Bellingham are developing new ideas for sustainable local business.  And our grassroots community is constantly supporting these efforts and contributing their own passions to our developing model of resiliency.

Though we may be leading the charge in many ways, the coming year will provide many opportunities to do even better.  Supporting our own community is an obvious and simple action to take but we also need to look beyond Whatcom for innovative ideas, technical support and community.  Seeking a local community abroad may seem counter intuitive, but there are many folks around the world working on the same problems as TW and we have a lot to gain through collaboration. 

The milestone of a new year provides a great chance to take some time and find the projects, groups or teams that we might like to contribute to.  Winter offers many opportunities for research, looking into others work and finding something that inspires.  Our 2nd annual Project Contest will provide spring time support for a few upstarts.  Work is always more enjoyable in the summer sun and the fall will let us reflect, revise and begin researching a new step forward.

I look forward to sharing these new projects with you all and until then...

Be Well,


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