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Hey all- Warren here. We have been doing the blog for a while now and have had some great feedback! We want more!


This post is usually a personal view, not a collective TWOG view- it is a place where we can share our thoughts, hopes and ideas with the wider membership. Once in a while we will insert a shameless plug for something we think is a good idea to pass along. That's what this one is...


I went for a hike along Whatcom Creek with my wife JoAnn and dog Alice this weekend- along a stretch that was 'repaired' south of Iowa street, East of HW 5. It was great seeing what a difference it made to the wildlife along that stretch. Lots of small trees had been planted to help create a more resilient watershed. (The money for the project came from the Whatcom Creek explosion and fire settlement). The improvement  was a great visual example to me of the way that TW can have a similar impact on our county, but without the need for an explosion (other than an exposion of volunteer activity).


As an example- what if we purchased living Christmas trees (instead of dead ones) and then donated them to help improve the watershed in the county. Volunteers could plant them and we (along with the birds and fish) all benefit. There are a thousand possibilites like this and the Transition movement is a great place to turn these ideas into reality. What are the other 999 ideas we should be doing? Post them on the Ning Site, get some helpers and make tham happen!

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Comment by Juliet Thompson on March 2, 2011 at 11:23pm

Hi Kate,

TW offered to sponsor this seed swap and we were roundly rejected. Some people are confused as to what sponsorship means. I think it basically means that we help people advertise their event. They may think they lose some of the credit for doing their own organizing. I hope we can dispel that impression, however it occurred. I hope that anyone who feels that they will not be recognized by working with Transition Whatcom will let us know specifically what happened that created the impression. I don't think any of the twogs would intend for that to happen.  I would love for anyone who identifies with the Transition movement, and who has an inclusive way of expressing their interest in helping others grow food, consume less energy, and who is willing to help others to understand the challenges we will most likely be facing very soon, to be a leader in this movement. It's very important that we all learn to build trust in effective ways.


Comment by Kate Clark on January 28, 2011 at 7:25pm
I just perused the January/February GROW Magazine, which I really enjoy. I notice that the awesome Seed Swap coming up is sponsored by Sustainable Bellingham, Center for Local Self-Reliance, and several others. But not Transition Whatcom?  This seems like a prime event for TW sponsorship- so perhaps there is something we could do to make sure we don't miss these.

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