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Norway has Warmest Annual Temperatures on Record

The website given above provides the facts.   In 2012 temps averaged 2 deg C above normal through the entire country.   This is truly alarming.  It doesn't take a genius to conclude that a decade or two of this would make many of their glaciers but a memory.   Consider the effects if this phenomenon were…


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The Ecotechnic Future, a book by John Michael Greer

Hello to Transitioners. I have just completed a fresh new book called 'The Ecotechnic Future', by John Greer, a former resident of WA & OR. In contrast to many other treatises on 'peak-oil', 'post-carbon' and related topics, he writes quite well. The book frames his view of the future in the language of ecology. And this can be useful in framing our own discussions. I published a review of the book for in but since Peter Smith's review is much better than mine, I'll give you… Continue

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