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Hi Whatcome Transitioners!

We are a family of four, with two little girls (2 yo and 1 mo) and are currently in Spokane. We are heading to resettle in the "better half" of the state ;) very soon and are looking for a wonderful place to live. We would love to be in a cohousing/ ecovillage-type set-up, or just a great older single-family home in a very "transition" neighborhood. Do you know of anyone looking to rent their place? Are you looking to rent or maybe have a room? We are open, as well, to sharing a larger house with the right folks. 

A little about us: Bryan is a brewer (now at Boundary Bay), teacher, permaculture designer, plant-person; Clare is a at-home mama, yoga teacher, doula, extraordinaire; Edie (2) is so much fun to be around and has a bright, funny, cuddly personality; and Althaea (1 mo) is squeaky, wide-eyed, and loves to nurse. 

We would like to be w/in 5 miles of downtown, pay less than $1100/ mo, be somewhere scenic, with trees/ parks/ good market(s) around, and be able to garden or even install permaculture designs on the property. We are open to trade and other creative arrangements.

Thank you for helping us to offer our best in the amazing Bellingham area! It has been our dream for a while to settle here. Please let us know if you have any 'leads'.


Bryan, Clare, Edie, and Althaea

Please call 360.seven31.3seven67 or email BryanL(dot)Krueger(at)gmail

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