Transition Whatcom

There were participants from many areas, with many levels of experience with TW. After introductions, Initiatives presented the highlights of what is happening in their area.

Transition Goshen:  About 20 or so households are working in community. They have achieved a high level of collaboration, and are working towards energy independence with several solar installations, food production cooperation, water storage and bartering. Ginny has prepared an assessment of the households that she shared with the group. The questions on the assessment are:

1. List areas of interest for workparties

2. List topics you'd like to see the group discuss or explore.

3. List any tools you are willing to share.

4. List any services you can provide for trade or $.

5. List date and times you can host the group.

6. List tools, community needs that are not yet available to the group.

Ginny & Jerry also announced the start up of a CERT (Certified Emergency Response Technician) to be held at Ten Mile Elementary, for 3 hours each meeting over a 9 week period.

Transition Ferndale: About 12 households are working together. Within their community they have monthly movie showings to which they invite the public, a ham radio operator, and other cooperative activities. It was announced that the Mt. Baker Amateur Radio Club meets every second Tuesday at Pioneer Park.

Transition Happy Valley/Fairhaven: They have 2 existing community gardens. The Center for Local Self Reliance is a draw for community cooperation. The CLSR provides meeting space, an opportunity to teach re-skilling, and is establishing a central location to unite the community around sustainability issues. 

Transition Birchwood: One of the streets in Birchwood has several TW members that communicate, work together and have various levels of collaboration. The ability to produce food on a large scale per household distinguishes this neighborhood.

Transition Laurel: Three households work together regularly. Juliet would like to expand the communication to other neighbors in this rural area, and brainstormed a few ideas from with the group's help.  

Transition Columbia: This group relies on Flip's email announcements for neighborhood news. The value of CERT training, mapping one's neighborhood, and other methods relative to more urban neighborhoods was discussed. The group suggested that Flip come and do a presentation on her efforts to create community.

Transition Deming: Newly formed webgroup just starting. JC has twenty acres that he is working to provide forest and water resources. He is connecting with other neighbors at present and holding some workshops at his house on mycological restoration. Everybody's Store provides a focal point, and other local resource farm-based communities were identified.

Transition Agate Bay/Lake Whatcom: Heather has a few members on the newly formed webgroup, and is exploring opportunities for greater neighborhood collaboration. The active Rome Grange is a good hub for meetings, and provides a monthly breakfast meeting where neighbors are present. Environmental/water issues are a good focal point for this group's organizing efforts.

Other announcements: Cindy is coordinating some larger community wide efforts towards establishing a Folk School based on the model Northwest Freedom University. Jaimie has a room for rent on her half-acre property, please contact her if you know someone who is interested.

We also want to acknowledge the presence and attendance of new members from Transition Downtown, and a new person from Sedro Woolley who is working his own acreage - the group hopes to support his efforts to connect with his local community. The next meeting will be organized by Cindy or David, they will announce on this group page and to the general membership.


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