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If we want to reduce our carbon output 80% by 2020, one thing that needs to go soon are cars. I'm starting this discussion thread dedicated to ideas for future transportation options and improvements in Bellingham, and hopefully together we can come up with some viable ideas and eventually take them to the city planners.

For some light reading, here's an article from a few months ago or more: The Myth of the Efficient Car

One thing I would love to see is bikes getting top priority on streets, and somehow (this is where ideas are needed!) creating a system where there are less intersections to stop at. I believe that needing to follow the rules of the (car) road on a bike, which includes a lot of stopping and restarting, is one thing that prevents more people from going by bike more often.

I hope this discussion, and group grows!

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Some parts of the county have no bus service because the bus service was reduced years ago; or the bus service is 5 miles away (example would be areas in county by north lake whatcom & Squalicum/Steward Mt watersheds).......For runners, & bicyclers, & people with no physical handicaps, the 5 miles to the bus might be realistic, but it is not realistic for many parents, elders, or people with handicaps.

I can imagine that there exists electric buses that could be used that would not pollute the city's drinking water while being used in on the drinking-water watershed roads. I would advocate for that.

Also, re our American addiction to independent travel, I know that there exists 2-person electric vehicle-carts(4 wheels & protection from wind & rain), that folks could use to commute to work & obtain supplies when they do not have means to bicycle, sail, kayak, walk, hitchike, or take public transpo to their destination. I saw them being used at the national park campgrounds by the campground hosts. I know many folks who would like to have access to these 'enclosed golf-cart' type vehicle if the road regulations were changed to allow them, and if the regulations were changed to allow their import or to be built locally.

We are planning to research & purchase an electric bicycle and add a cart...but it will be such a challenge to stay warm & dry in the wet winters using it 20 miles, and difficult to use on the hills and through the elder years. The brand we are looking at is Olhm (sp?) and made in Canada.

David & is these discussions on tranpsortation in our region that I would like to see happen on a forum/discussion outside of our 20/20 group to bring more people into the discusssion.
Thanks David for getting these online tranportation discussions going.

For new members, there is more dialogue at this forum/discussion page:

Also, in the 20/20 group threads below.


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