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Stopping Toxic Ag Chemicals from Being Sold or Applied in Whatcom County

 Hi! Anyone know who in the state is making the decisions for what agricultural chemicals can be applied to our living soils?

Whatcom county's growers have been hit hard by a broadleaf herbicide that reduced their yields through dairy compost applied to their lands.

New York state said no to Dow company for selling or distributing the chemical aminopyralid.....


Who is WA state has the authority to stop the sale & use of toxic chemicals ( & GMO seeds) sold by corporations that are not taking responsibility for the damage they are causing?


TW Discussion on this topic mostly happening on Walter H blog:


"A New Problem with Commerical Compost"

Possibly this is the agency that approves the chemicals, but I'm not sure.

WA State Department of Agriculture

Washington State Department of Agriculture
Pesticide Management Division
PO Box 42589
Olympia, WA 98504

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"Herbicidal Contamination of our Farmlands & Waters! Enough! Plus Say No to GMO!

Can We Create Solutions to Protect the health of the soils & waters of our homeland? 

Can we resist & eliminate toxic abusive from corporations selling product that do not have strong scientific evidence that they will not harm our lands & waters? 

How can we create a united community that supports & preserves resilient family farms whether they market dairy, vegi/fruit, or animal?   Can we learn to support our scientists & know when to ask for more research before allowing application of chemicals?

See full blog post at-


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