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We are a nonprofit camp near Lake McMurray WA. And we would like to add natural buildings to our property.  We would also love to host natural training in gardening, and eco-friendly practices.  This is a transitional period for us, as we are looking at reducing our footprint and encouraging others to do so as well.  You can check us out on the web at and find out more of who we are.

Is there anyone in our area who could help us build, teach and transition?  If you have any info we are eager to get started.

Thank you for your time,

Mark Thompson


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Would you like to come to our meeting.  We have lots of folks who have a history in alt. buildings who may like to help.


The Ticky Tack Project

What: An ongoing group or team; brainstorming, resource sharing, troubleshooting, inspiring, touring and creating long lasting friendships.

Building Small Dwellings, Community, and Quality of Life

For Freedom, Security, Durability, and an Eco Friendly and Vital Life!

Who should attend: YOU

IF YOU are looking for alternative options for housing

            have already done some research and need more help

            are currently building and need help

            have built and want to assist others with you experience

            are a skilled laborer or have knowledge that will assist others in one or more aspects

Where and When: Thurs. February 27th, Skagit Valley Food Co-op in Downtown Mount Vernon, room 310

??? Call Tiffany 360-441-1493




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