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Cindi started the meeting with a great description of the Great Unleashing. Dr. Frank James will be giving a presentation, which should be very informative as we plan for the healthcare we will need in the future. Cynthia has made a poster/handout this group could handout at a table at the great unleashing and asked for feedback from the group.
Rick suggested we share our concerns about the first 24 hours after an emergency situation and then how to proceed after without access to our current resources. He showed us his emergency kit complete with an old sheet that could be used for many things. (stretcher, sling, bandage etc) There was lot of discussion about emergency medical kits and medical kits we could develop to be prepared when we face resource depletion and our current system fails us.
John spoke about the urgent need to reconnect with nature to try to prevent a total eco system collapse. He has been working on a book that will be coming out soon. He spoke of a new Marshall plan with an environmental focus.
We had a lot of discussion about security and what it might look like if people were desperate.
We will continue to work on what a medical supply emergency kit should have and how neighborhoods can work together to be ready.
I related the Peak Oil Task force report to the Whatcom County Council and how disappointing their response had been. Folks seem to feel governments were going to be less then helpful and we were really going to need to try to get our neighbors and friends involved. Hopefully we can have more luck the more local we get.
I am looking forward to hearing Dr. James at the Great Unleashing.

Here are some links mentioned: Whatcom County Emergency Management page has a lot of preparedness info.
and to repeat these excellent ones from Cindi in an earlier post:

Sorry it took awhile for me to get this up, things got busy for me. I’m sure there was more so please add any content I may have missed…peggy

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