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Hi Farmer & Gardener Friends!

Partial crosspost below as I just posted a discussion on the broader TW site with info & references to many of our local farmers offering CSA shares.


It would be great if someone wanted to volunteer to send a TW group invite to the CSA farmers that I have listed with email address....Let us know if anyone plans to do this.


If you have any feedback or encouragement, please post below on our  farmers group discussion


Please go to this link to view the complete information on the broader TW discussion-


Later I may send the discussion out to the folks on the TW group - 'Local Food Security Events'


I spoke with Jean from coop today, she said they will soon be publishing the 2010 CSA list..


I'm just back from winter travels, so I'm not up-to-date on what type of Speaker or Tables are established for our Great Unleashing Event in April 2010...I'm hoping one of the organizing Twigs will contact me, as I have a growing list of folks who should be included in an invitation to participte or speak!




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