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Supporting Local Growers & Local Shoppers by Bolder Labeling of fresh Vegies, Fruits, Dairy & Grains Next to Price on Coop Shelves.


When I went to the coop last week to choose a local dairy for a bit of cheese & yogart, I was surprised to see how much time it took me to open the cooler and take out each product and read the small print to find out where it was grown & produced so I could chose from a local dairy farmer in whatcom or skagit or island counties. ( I usually shop at another great local store & grow edibles too).

I recommend *Colorful BOLD Local LOGO* that easily catches a shoppers eyes. The current local logo that was on the shelf was not bold, was not colorful, was difficult to spot, and was not consistantly on the shelf next to price to help a disserning local shopper.

I recommend this type of *Colorful BOLD Local LOGO*  to also be put underneath the fresh vegies, fruits, & seeds/grains so I can easily just go towards local foods.

(And I know that defining what is 'local' can be debatable since we don't live on a small island).

I have seen coop-type food stores in other states that not only use a BOLD Color coded Symbol but also offer special days & weeks for a discount of these local products.

I realize this would take more staff time & effort but it also increases our local food security through supporting local growers, and also helps with educating those who want to learn more.

Thanks Megan for your work with Coop Membership Committee and for starting this group!

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Great idea! It's true it will take more effort and more time which is why I think local food buying is not as popular as it should be. If we want this, we have to put up a fight and work for it!


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