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Hey ya'll community-minded folks. We are looking for an active, emotionally mature person (preferably female) to join us in our community household here on the Southside of B'ham (Happy Valley), preferably by Jan. 15.  There are 7 of us (2 gals, 5 guys) ages 22-54 with a dog, 2 cats, and chickens looking for someone who is willing to commit to community living for 1-2 years, has good communication skills, and is invested in our mutual values of cooperation, conflict resolution, general respect, and cleanliness...someone who is definitely willing to invest time and energy into community.  We like to cook and eat meals together, have fun, play music, garden in our permaculture-designed garden, take care of the house, and have weekly meetings to check in.

I sent a "message to group",  in this community forum, although I don't see it...the ad has more details. Do you know anything about this, Bruce?

Otherwise,  if you don't see it, email us at: for more details....tell us about yourself, and leave a ph. number where we can contact you.


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