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My friend Lori can't do the Common Circle Education Permaculture/Green Living Bike Tour that she signed up for, so she is selling her spot for $300 (goes for about $1000).

She posted this on Craig's List and asked me to spread the word. I posted as much as the space allows, below. Additional info through the links below.

If you are interested, please contact Lori directly at:

A unique opportunity! July 31 - Aug. 7. Common Circle Education has put together a seven-day, 200-mile bicycle tour, beginning and ending in Eugene, Ore. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity for hands-on learning of permaculture at some of the region's best known ecovillages, as well as at Organic Valley Co-op. You'll participate in service projects working on sustainability, and you'll also meet Harry MacCormack, founder of the Oregon Tilth organic certificate organization. Enjoy camping under the stars at these natural building communities. This trip is so cool, I couldn't wait to purchase it many months ago. Circumstances have since changed, and I'm unable to do the trip, which usually sells for $1,000 and includes three vegan meals a day beginning on Sunday. Check out the website at

[ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE LOGISTICS]----------------------------------

COURSE LOCATION: Dharmalaya, 356 Horn Lane, Eugene, OR (this is a
residential location -- go behind the main house and you will see
the cob/strawbale structure where we will be holding the

ARRIVAL: Please plan on arriving into Eugene on Friday night before
your course starts and showing up on-site at 8:30am on Saturday.
There is both public transit and cabs available in Eugene quite
inexpensively. Please do not park within 5 blocks of the site to
mitigate our impact on the community.

Doors close at 9:00am sharp so please be on-time. It is important
that you do not attempt to fly on Saturday morning, as we have had
clients miss our courses as a result of delayed flights and missing
the orientation. We are not able to accommodate late arrivals.

Please remember to bring your own lunch as we do not provide food
on the day of the orientation (there are a couple restaurants
within walking distance). If you are bringing your own bicycle
to the tour, please be sure to have it with you at the orientation
as we will need to inspect it.

Remember -- the orientation covers essential safety material and is
mandatory and we cannot allow tour participation if you miss *any*
part of it. Please plan on arriving at 8:30 to check in. Thank you
in advance for your cooperation. :-)

LODGING: You are responsible for lodging and meals the day before
we ride out on Friday and Saturday nights. Please do not arrive at
Dharmalaya early, as we will not be able to accommodate you --
although we'd love to help, we will be busy preparing for your

COURSE END: Please plan on staying at a hostel on Saturday night
after the tour ends and flying out the next morning. Generally our
courses finish no later than 7pm on Saturday night.

[BICYCLE REQUIREMENTS AND RENTALS]---------------------------------

The most cost-effective option is to rent a bicycle through us!
We include much of the needed equipment, and rent new-model hybrid
bicycles Bikes usually come with a triple-chain ring on the front,
straight handle bars, and road tires, as well as a patch kit and
tire levers, extra tubes, a visibility flag, and third eye mirror!

If you choose to bring your own bike, please ensure it meets the
following strict criteria (no exceptions are made):

* Road/hybrid/touring bike – no mountain bikes, fixed gear or
single speed bikes.
* No shocks on either front or rear wheel
* Kevlar-reinforced road/touring tires with least 75 PSI pressure.
* No visible rust anywhere on the bike
* Front and rear brakes are required
* Triple chain ring with at total of at least 21 speeds
* No bikes over 10 years old, regardless of condition.

If you intend to bring your own bike, please bring it to the
orientation as we will need to inspect it to ensure it meets the
requirements above.

If you are interested, please contact Lori directly at:

More info @

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