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Hey folks,
We never did schedule our next meeting which would be this thursday.
If desired, we could meet at the Old Foundry, but maybe this peak summer moment is a good time to take a breather. What do yu'all think?

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I'm ok with a breather....I do want more "meeting" time when we gather...last time was too much social for me. We have a lot of work to do too...balance of both is lovely!!!
I have a different meeting that starts at 6pm and will probably last until 7:30 or 8pm. So I am available before 6pm and after 8pm. Next week I'll be flying to the North American Heartlands for a 10 day trip, so I would prefer to have a meeting before I leave if possible.
I will be at Vipassana starting tomorrow so i will check in with ya all in August.

Breather, yes. I love to go to all of the outdoor concerts in this lovely summer weather, and will be away for two weeks in August. How about Sept??
Blessings, Meredith
Hey Bruce, I'm so behind on emails & reading events & TW comments I don't know whats where or when but I'm here now in the garden and the weather is good for working or relaxing.
I thought I had heard there was a community meeting happening out at Inspiration today, tues...dont know if that is true or related to this network.
If you envision something and put the invite out, I'm guessing some folks will show up!
(And more of the outdoor gardeners will show up for an indoor meeting come October.)
Sounds like the consensus is to take a breather for now, though Rhys would like to meet before heading to the Midwest. Next two thurs are out for me. Does thurs aug 12th work for folks out there?


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