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Using the Gross National Hapiness Index as an Assessment tool

At yesterday's Coworking Community Gathering we watched Chip Conley's TED Talk on measuring What Matters (link below). In his talk he outlined Bhutan's fascinating movement to replace GNP and GDP measures with GNH (Gross National Happiness) measures.


The GNH site (link below) includes this small and inspiring country's indices and the national questionnaire. Among various variables included in the GNH index are Community Vitality Indicators (the Ecology ones are interested as well). I am wondering if we as a group as well as individually would be willing to answer those questions, assign ranking and take on improving one or two that we scored the lowest.


I know I will be scoring myself and my community, including family on the Community Vitality Index and selecting one area for improvement. I invite all of us to have fun and participate! Link to the CV questions is below....


With Blessings,


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