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The CIA’s shaping US History, operation Mockingbird

I have just publish a new book titled 

"The CIA’s shaping US History, operation Mockingbird

Some Unpopular History of the United States"

The book is about the CIA's operation Mockingbird which was (is?) a US propaganda operation allegedly directed at the people of foreign nations and in fact also is aimed at US citizens. 

Send me an email at and I will reply with books for free

or For sale at Amazon Kindle books (then search for the titles)

I have also rewritten my book about the JFK assassination and in it you also can read about how the CIA used the same disinformation operation and censorship to help hid he truth about this assassination.   My other book about the Kennedy Years list the reason they wanted to get rid of Kennedy. 

Stay safe, 

Richard McManus

Everett, WA 

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