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The best video I have yet seen about the JFK assassination

The best video I have yet seen about the JFK assassination

You have to get thru some history about American fascists first.

I have found an error in the British moderator/researcher of it. I am just happy my hypothesis as to who were the trigger pullers were, that another reasonable theory as to how come Kennedy had a bullet hole in his back, happy about giving me a reasonable confirmation explaining what and why the Dallas police wanted to kill Oswald when he tried to escape out of the back of movie theater. Happy to get a deeper appreciation as to just how complex the assassination mission was planned, the two bodies ending up at Parkland Hospital and another confirmation that surgery was done prior to the official autopsy and how and by whom.

Three alleged tramps were detained by the Dallas police after the gun fire stopped and they were taken to a police department office where they were released. From photographs we now know who they were. Lois Gibson who works for the Houston Police Department and is respected forensic artist and facial expert, compared photos of these guy and the photos taken on soon after Kennedy was killed.
The tramps were: Chauncey Marvin Holt: a man who has been mistaken for E. Howard Hunt by many JFK assassination authors. He was an excellent shoot. According to Holt, he was a CIA operative sent to Dallas to deliver phony Secret Service credentials. He also claimed to have worked as an accountant for Meyer Lansky. He drove Charles Nicoletti into Dallas
on the morning of 11/22/63.
Charles Boyd Harrelson: a top Chicago mafia hit man worked for mafia boss of all of the USA, Sam Giananca, who confessed to killing JFK, was an excellent shoot, was convicted of killing federal judge John H. Wood and sentenced to serve 15 year in prison, yet only served 5 years.
Charles Fredrick Rogers: A former Naval Intelligence sailor who was an excellent shoot, a pilot, and spoke Spanish and Russian. Rogers murdered his mother and father, cut them up and put their bodies in a freeze in his house and is (or was) most likely crazy, and is still a wanted man.
These three guys were walked to a Dallas police station and were released without photographs or finger printed. It was just bad luck that they did not escape the crime scene via a railroad car.
Here is the confession of Chauncey Marvin Holt in which he adds a lot more new information about the assassination. His statement agrees with my extensive research about San Giancana and money laundering by the CIA with Meyer Lansky.

Video tape of and by JFK assassination researcher David S. Lifton
Paul O’Connor, a medical technician at Bethesda Hospital said at about 8 PM the body arrived in a gray metal casket weighing about 60 pounds without the body. Dennis David who was a Navy sailor off loaded a gray metal casket from a black ambulance at the back of Bethesda Hospital and carried it into the autopsy room. On being shown photos of the bronze casket photographed being loaded in Dallas onto Air Force One, they both stated again it was a gray metal casket and bronze casket was not what arrived a Bethesda. Dennis David said he also saw another gray shipping casket being off loaded from a helicopter which also taken into Bethesda Hospital.
Aubrey Rike said he help put Kennedy’s body into a BRONZE casket with his whole body wrapped in a sheets. It was dripping blood onto the sheets, but it was not placed inside a body bag with a zipper.
Dennis David said he saw Kennedy’s body arrived in a gray metal casket a “good 15 or 20 minutes before he saw Jackie Kennedy came in” to the front entry of the Bethesda hospital, and photos show this bronze casket arriving with her. Dennis David said a body (maybe or maybe not Kennedy’s) was already in the morgue.
Jerrol Custer who was an x-ray technician at Bethesda said he had already taken x-rays of what the thought was the body of Kennedy, had blood his clothing, when Jackie Kennedy was arriving at the Bethesda Hospital.
However, that is how little brain tissue was left in his head. Jerrol Custer said he put both of his hands inside the skull. He told another medical person, “Oh, my god, look at the size of this hole.”
An autopsy report stated that a brain was noted which was almost a completely intact brain weighing slightly less than what a human brain should weigh.
O’Connor said when he first saw Kennedy’s body, most of JFK’s brain was blown out, except for a few pieces of brain tissue, “mostly empty, 90 percent empty.” He was shocked when he uncovered Kennedy’s, “there was no brain, it is all gone.”
Furthermore, O’Connor helped take what he thought was Kennedy’s body out of a gray metal casket from a body bag with a zipper and with only a bloody sheet wrapped around his head, not his whole body wrapped in sheets as Aubrey Rike said was the case when it left Parkland Hospital.
Two FBI James W. Sibert and Francis X. O’Neill Jr. agents were present when the bronze casket on Air Force One. A November1966 FBI memo from Assistant Director of the FBI to A. Rosen to Mr. DeLoach changed the words written by of the two FBI agents who witnessed the autopsy, wherein they said they observed what they thought was surgery to the top of Kennedy’s head. These Assistant Directors changed the words to mean that these two FBI agents meant to say, the doctors said it looked like surgery vs. these FBI seeing it and describing it themselves.
These FBI agents refused to respond about this contradiction!
Jerrol Caster “did not remember seeing any saw cuts on JFK’s skull.” During an autopsy to remove a brain, the skull has to be sawed open with a saw.
These witnesses were ordered in writing not to talk about what they saw by their bosses.
Dallas doctors measured the exit wound in the back of Kennedy’s head that was 2 and ¾ inches in diameter. (about 14 square inches). On arrival at Parkland, the hole in Kennedy’s head was four times as large and as if ripped wider open. (~55 sq. inches).
My comment: It is possible a good part of Kennedy’s brain tissue was still inside his head and it may have been possible to tell what direction a bullet traveled had moved thru the brain tissue. That is from the front, blowing a hole out the back of his skill. After years of research it has been learned that allegedly official autopsy photos and x-rays were faked. The doctors at Parkland Hospital ER thought Kennedy had been shot in the front of his head.
David S. Lifton wrote the book entitled, Best Evidence.
This YouTube video is important evidence.

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