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There is a informal local grassroots group that co-created Whatcom County’s 2009 Seed-Saving Exchange earlier this year in Jan/Feb, and helped host our local International Seed-Savers Day with speakers & discussions.

We hope to join with other individuals & local organizations
to create another seed-saving event this summer/fall/winter, that is both hands-on, and raises community awareness of the benefits of resisting buying or eating any corporate sponsored GMO foods.

Please share if you know of group or individuals who are passionate about this natural wonder – Seeds!
We would love to support you in your efforts to educate and to swap seeds!

Please let me know if you would be interested helping to create
our next Local Seed-Saving Event, or to be on our gardeners mailing list.

I can recommend viewing the movie “Food, Inc', especially to see the interviews with the seed-saving farmers in the Midwest that were legally harassed
by the corporation Moninsantoo (sp!), and to learn how our legal system supported this corporation & their ecologically dangerous actions.

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Hello David,
Any help is appreciated at the Jan 31- International Seed Saving Day- Seed Swap in Bellingham at the Center for Expressive Arts on Comercial St.
Thanks, Janaki

David Pike said:
Seeds! this is an extremely important path you are following and I'm interested in learning some saving techniques and swapping some treasures. Add me to a mailing list or whatever it is that I need to do join give. I missed the movie Food Inc. but I just finished "The Omnivore's Dillema" which is by one of the movie's makers (Michael Pollan) fascinating book for the most part. Just make sure I'm in on the seeds, they are critical to our survival and learning how to save them is critically important knowledge. Thanks.

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