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NC State 36 Hour Permaculture Class Online for Free

I found this class online and have watched about nine of the lessons so far.   I have found it very informative.   If you have the time it is worth a view.   It uses itunes to download & view.   Feel free to delete if this is a re-post

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What a great find Robert! Would you consider asking David MacLeod if he would look this over and consider posting it somewhere under our "Resourece" tab.
It would be great to be able to easily refind this.
(I don't think we have a search place for finding past discussions...)

There are some other great online resources that I have stored under different TW groups I'm the creator of, that would also be good to also have stored as a resource.

Here is one of the links:
Recommended Books, Video & Online Resoures for Edible Gardeners/Permaculturists

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