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must watch! Dreaming New Mexico fabulous video on their planning and vision for future food

really lovely and important video on how to map what is possible!


I highly recommend watching this presentation by the folks who dream and draw their food system future in New Mexico!!! This presenter, Peter Warshall is coming to the BALLE conference here in Bellingham June 14-17!

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Dreaming the Future” Bioneers video: 

(Dreaming New Mexico produced a systemic statewide analysis and re-visioning of all aspects of a region's food (and energy) system. This innovative project offers a template for cities and states to realize do-able dreams to leverage the way we produce, market and eat food, region by region.)-

Local Conference - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies(BALLE)  in Bellingham this weekend June 14 &15 -  Thanks Laura for All you do!

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