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Do you have extra chive seed, either saved or purchased? We are packing garden kits for distribution and have run out. I am also looking for flower seeds for the kits. Anything short (under 24"), cheerful and easy to grow is most welcome, particularly alyssum, bachelor's buttons, dwarf marigolds and such. Thank you to all who have donated seed and helped to clean and pack the seeds. If you would like a garden kit of about 30 varieties of easy to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs, there are few reservations left, particularly for container gardens. Two sizes: small urban garden and container garden. Contact Celt at 756-8957 to donate seed or reserve a garden kit.

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Hi Celt! I can offer you to come divide up the many bunches of chives I have planted at my garden corners & curves....You can then offer them to the new gardeners you're passing seed gifts on to. Email me if interested.
I've never bothered to save chive seeds but I'll make a point to let some go to seed & 'catch them' for you for next years seed giftings.
Hi Heather,

Thank you very much, that will do nicely. I will do that.


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