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I want to start a group - brain storming the mad max senario

I want to start a group to war game the future. This is for people who believe there will always be the one percenters who will break the rules, who have little or no empathy for others. This is way we have cops, courts and jails - the rule of law.

Tell how to make a grou on this website.

I am a former cop, military paramedic/LPN, and military intelligence Chief Warrant Officer/counterintelligence special agent, US Army, retired.

I am writing a book titled SOME UNKNOWN HISTORY OF THE U.S.

a newsletter:

News and View you don't have to Lose, news emails,

Hard facts about 9/11

670+ Engineers and Architects
Vice President Walter Mondale
Senator Charles Schumer
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, JD

US. Senator Max Cleland
Former US Senator Mike Gravel - AK

Gen. Wesley Clark

Louis Freeh

Rep. Curt Weldon

Major General Albert Stubblebine

Richard Falk, a United Nations investigator of human rights

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