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Our own 'Skeeter' and others will be seen tonight on PBS 9,


10 pm thursday, tonight channel 9 pbs a show called 'reel nw'


Back to the Garden, A documentary by Kevin Tomlinson with footage from 1970's vintage 'hippy' gatherings and followup to present day of the people then and now and their offspring, their lives and life views.


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'Back to the Garden' film on Channel 9 was great!  Hope they reshow it!

Let me know if youre interested in any of the Mushroomers activities.

I became a member this year, and they have some potlucks, walks, meetings, schedule starting in March.

Heather - I have a copy of the video, received from Skeeter last summer. I can pass around for other viewers. 

My work with him last summer presenting his 'mature' agroforestry - permaculture projects is an extension of the movie theme. We documented his work of 30 years, reflecting upon this man his sense of mission and purpose. In this present day, still teaching and farming to make his own viable livlihood and leaving for all of us forested oasis's in the steppe desert of eastern Washington. 

There are many other stories that tell similar tales about people of this era, and their children who moved on with the rest of their lives yet are still reflections of these ideals.  

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