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A Peak Oil Update

Interesting news lately on the 'Peak Oil' front.  Tom Whipple has been writing a column called "The Peak Oil Crisis" for several years now.  His latest article looks at how peak oil is "Killing Off the Recovery."  A good article, but most notable is his reporting that the International Monetary Fund has finally acknowledged peak oil (without calling it that): "in a…


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A Sign of Peak Everything, A Sign of the Apocalypse, and a Sign of Hope

A sign of 'Peak Everything', a sign of the Apocalypse, and a Sign of Hope...and I heard it all on NPR's Morning Edition


A Sign of 'Peak Everything':

Philadelphia Orchestra to File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

As energy and other resources become harder to get and much more expensive, everything suffers. The age of energy abundance became the 'age of exuberance' as it reached its climax, and we over-extended ourselves with everything. The…


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Recommended Reading, April 7, 2011

Joanne Poyourow (I still have to double check my spelling when I write her name), of Transition US and Transition LA has written an important article on Economic Contraction. She writes, "As the economy we now know crumbles, the far-reaching repercussions will sculpt every aspect of our future. In my opinion, any long-term plan -- Transition EDAPs included -- must anticipate that it will unfold amidst a world of…


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