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I recently spent a month up at OUR eco village on vancouver island and a few things came to light for me and my reasons why Im a natural builder.
First the background... I have been a part of OUR for six years now and on my first trip there I participated in a shamanic quest to hear the land speak for OUR ecovillage development . I experienced traveling far away to a village and was overcome with grief and sorrow for about an hour following with no apparent reason. During this last trip I realized that I experienced returning home to a village I had forgotten.
Now in light of what we are doing here at Transition Whatcom Is creating that village that we have forgotten. The new kinds of connections that this commujnity is creating are like that which holds villages together, the linking of fates and culture together with our nieghbors is what I believe is happening.
It has been along time since we have lived together as a united village and I believe we are recreating what that means and it is of the upmost importance that we keep on creating.
welcome home

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Yes! Yes! Welcome Home One and ALL!

Thank you Rob for sharing your personal experience as well as your connection to TW and our uniting together as one village. :) Jamie
I agree. Thanks for sharing your story! One thing I'm looking forward to at this Saturday's Heart and Soul Open Space Day (see events page if you're interested) is exploring the concept: building community, building trust. When I look at any facet of TW, I see "building community," and I think that's the ultimate "re-skilling' that we face. Given community, i reckon we can do anything.


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