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Sat. 2/18: Christ in the Cosmos / The Journey of the Universe

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Community Space for Rent

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Comment by Lia Ayley on November 1, 2010 at 9:43pm
I saw The Power of Community several years ago and would like to see it again - an excellent film that really brings home the reality of the effects of "peak oil," and also very inspiring in showing what's possible. A film showing/discussion sounds like a great idea to me. Any thoughts about a venue?
Comment by David MacLeod on October 29, 2010 at 6:12pm
Re: Peggy Holman - I'm waiting to hear back from Village Books. If that doesn't work out, we can try something else.
Comment by Laura J Sellens on October 29, 2010 at 2:11pm
I was just meandering through the site. what a wealth of information! I would love to help revive the film series. Tom Anderson told me recently that he saw a continued value in awareness raising, and I agree. Plus the opportunity to blend community building and H+S issues into other theme topics through discussion. Useful.

What needs to happen in order to get Peggy Holman up here?
Comment by David MacLeod on October 29, 2010 at 12:26pm
Good notes, thanks! I still don't know what "Going with the Low" means?

Laura, Film Is Truth has The Power of Community. Good film! I also remember a good interview on Peak Moment about the film.

Also, I have a copy of the film "No Impact Man" and numerous other Peak Oil documentaries. Maybe it's time to revive the Transition Whatcom Film Series.

I'm hoping we can get a presentation from Peggy Holman, author of Engaging Emergence: Turning Upheaval Into Opportunity
Comment by Laura J Sellens on October 29, 2010 at 11:42am
Thanks, Cindi, for motivating the H+S discussion and delivering these notes! At the Open Space day as we said the things we do for ourselves to create personal resilience, I heard them as things other people do and probably I don't do, but as I was reading through them just now, my brain took them in as things that I do, or could do, and just that made me feel better. Something in the way you worded it (mojo)?

I have an inspiration about speaker engagements: some of the feedback I've been getting lately is roughly "I need face time with my community members". I was talking to a gal last night about how having discussions after film presentations allows the opportunity to start getting to know each other, and the thought dawned on me, it would be great to include that after speakers! How cool would it have been to have maybe a few questions after Kathy's talk, but then have her take her presenter hat off and have a group discussion? She would still be part of the discussion but it would end on a group-empowerment note rather than a taking information from an authorized speaker note.

I'm wondering if there would be any interest in this group to hold a film/discussion event showing "The Power of Community?" I still haven't seen it myself. I don't see it available on Netflix. Does anyone have it?
Comment by Cindi Landreth on October 28, 2010 at 9:52pm
I was just cruising through the old entries from our first meetings - we started meeting on August 30th, 2009! I found some inspiring stuff there - you might want to check it out. Linda Fels did a little research on what other communities are doing for the Inner Work of the Transition Town movment, there are some links to videos and websites, and some descriptions of what Heart and Soul stuff is all about.

To find these entries, go to the bottom of the page and choose the last page available. Read the earliest entry and work backward. I have removed entries that did not include a resource, a history of this group's meetings, or a particularly moving story.
Comment by Cindi Landreth on October 28, 2010 at 9:17pm
Here is an update on how the Peak Shrink event went: 65 to 70 people showed up (filled the house!); I heard lots of wonderful comments about her message being useful and inspiring; I particularly enjoyed the humor in her presentation and the discernment between whether we are facing a problem or a dilemma! A problem has a solution. Need I say more?

She had a great time and said that if she had known about Bellingham before she settled in her current home town, she would have moved here! Kathy totally loved the energy here - she picked up on the 'subdued excitement' right away. She did think we were a pretty tough crowd, I guess - we were a bit more serious than the audience that she had spoken with the night before ;-)

I will be working on bringing another speaker foward - perhaps a regional or local person this time.... I am open to suggestions...and help!

My objective is to help us all get a broad understanding of what this Heart and Soul stuff is all about. It is such a broad and yet intimate topic and it is a part of us all. Please consider becoming more active in this group and helping with creating events, finding speakers, hosting discussion groups, starting a Heart and Soul book club,....whatever suits your fancy.

If you are already doing Heart and Soul work, please share! You can start a discussion group about it, tell your story, invite a few friends in to your home to talk about a particular area of interest, ...whatever. I, for one, am inspired every time I read or hear about the work you are all doing. It keeps me going! It feeds me!

So...What are you doing? What's working? (nice title to your discussion here, Laura).

Also, I have added a discussion that includes the notes from the Heart and Soul Open Space Day. Most of the time we were talking and not taking notes so much of the day was left out but there were some rich discussions going on and we captured some of them. Enjoy - even if they are brief and not fully explained. Hopefully you will be able to put them into your own context and find them as a useful tool.

I invite you to add your comments and ideas to the list of 'What are we each doing to build resilience into our own lives?'...or whatever else inspires you!
Comment by Cindi Landreth on October 13, 2010 at 8:39pm
No, I don't have a pedicab. I know there is one around town, though. Anyone want to take that on?
Comment by Jamie Jedinak on October 13, 2010 at 10:24am
No worries about arranging...we'll be doing great! I can direct easily enough Laura! :)~
Comment by Laura J Sellens on October 13, 2010 at 6:48am
I'm planning to come early and help out. I can't say I have any skills arranging flowers. I'll do whatever though. Heather, I'm wishing you and yours health, peace, and comfort.

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