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A few months back, I ran across a short excerpt of an upcoming film about the young farmer movement called "The Greenhorns."  Today there is the following article about all the work the director has been engaged in. Now she isn't just making a film documenting this movement, she is developing a whole series of communication and networking opportunities that support the young farmer movement.

Don't know about this movement? Check out the link...

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Supporting young farmers is crucial! Free e-book called, The Greenhorns Guide for Beginning Farmers,
which is downloadable here: .

Bruce added a discussion with similiar links on the Organic Gardeners group at-

'Greenhorns Guide for Beginning Farmers"

I opened it up & took a quick look. It looks great! Its written by young people for young people. Awsome work that Severine is doing!
Preserving farmland & soil by buying some land, then forming a neighborhood CSA that hires their farmer, is one way the Yankees in the NE of our 'Turtle Island" are providing for their families nourishement.

Let us know if anyone knows of anyone inititiating something like this in Whatcom.

And Walter, your Ferndale neighbors are sure fortunate to have a seasoned sustainable farmer like you still kicking around in the dirt! Thank you for all you contribute in both edible nourishment & sharing your knowledge.

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