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Come to this informational community forum about the Alberta Tar Sands
and it's local manifestations - the oil pipeline that flows right
through Bellingham.

Speakers include Paul Cienfuegos, renowned expert on corporate power and
resistance to corporate domination, and Aaron Sanger, director of US
campaigns for ForestEthics and Tar Sands expert. Marie Marchand,
director of the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center, will be moderating.

Brought to you by ReSources for Sustainable Communities, Fertile Ground,
ForestEthics, Deep Green Whatcom, and the Whatcom Peace and Justice

Event details are here:

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Oil pipelines flowing through Bellingham! This Thursday's educational community forum with speaker Paul Cienfuegos sounds great! I hope the event can have a video/camcorder person present to share with others later. James B on TW sometimes can help with this.

Do you have links for ForestEthics, or Deep Green Whatcom?

It will be great, and it will be filmed.

Deep Green Whatcom:

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