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Symposium Today: Adapting to Climate Change in Whatcom County

Strange that this event was not promoted to the community of sustainability orgs (that I'm aware of) like TW, Sustainable Bellingham, RE Sources, etc. 


But I just read in the Cascadia Weekly (got my copy just today) about this event that already happened today   Nevertheless, here's the blurb about the Climate Symposium below.  Did anyone know about this? Did anyone attend?  Put on by Whatcom Watershed Information Network...never heard of 'em!


Climate Symposium: Attend a symposium dubbued “The Time to Act: Adapting to Climate Change in Whatcom County from 9am-4:30pm at St. Luke’s Community Health Education Center, 3333 Squalicum Pkwy. Presentations of climate change impacts to and adaptation strategies for marine ecosystems, forest and wildlife, the built environment and agricultural practices are on the lineup. Entry is free, but registration is required.



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Hi David, I did have the event on my calendar, but unable to attend during rare sunny day good for planting seeds & harvesting nettles. It would be good to know if there is a video of the climate event.


I think the event may have been put on by the state/government university system. My experience has been with some folks from 'agencies', that their awareness of community activity & activism is within the organizations that are either making a profit (businesses), or with the government (WSU Master Gardeners & such).

Volunteer citizen led organizations like Sustainable Bellingham, Center for Local Self-Reliance, and newcomer Transition Whatcom, are sometimes overlooked, as we don't have any 'paid' staff or business/profit motive, even though we have been sharing the news & concerns long before the business or government supported agencies have.

I attended a local WSU meeting this spring, and when someone found out

I helped to co-create local Seed-Swaps for over 3 years, they said with surprise, 'What agency are you with?”...


Its good news that this climate event was held!

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