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"Organizing Community to Abolish Corporate Personhood"-Audio Link Talks

 This talk contains many Transiton Town ideas by speakers & advocates Riki Ott and David Cobb about a new model of economy-  “Organizing Community to Abolish Corporate Personhood” -

Its a  lengthy but  interesting audio video live talk for those interested in local democracy and regional leadership.

Also there is an audio recorded live talk by Paul Cienfuegos on “Is a Truly Sustainable Society Achievable As Long As Corporate 'Rights' Trump the Rights of the People”  2/26/10

Soo--- I  don't mean to offend anyone by posting these links of such strong speakers...I think many people will find the knowledge they share enlightening & motivating for preserving our local democracy.

I really prefer to 'talk-story” around the fire and work together in the garden.

(I'll just listen in if anyone shares their thinking.)



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Organizing Ourselves As The People & Preserving What Is Important to Thriving in Challenging Times” -
I think that would have been a better title to this post with the audio visual talks links.
It's long, but well worth watching!

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