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Alert Whatcom Citizens re Probable $ Crash> See The Silver Lining Inside the Dark Cloud!!!

Please take 7 minutes to watch “The Day the Dollar Died” by the National Inflation Association at   This is an imaginary news broadcast set in the year 2012 which provides a chilling depiction of what could actually happen in the near future. If enough of us work together, we might be able to prevent the events depicted in this video from actually occuring. We must hope for the best, while planning for the worst.


See: "Pentagon, Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Break...


Several members of the Whatcom County Council told me they have been personally preparing for a crash of the US Dollar. They're stocking up on food, and protecting their assets by buying gold and silver as a hedge against inflation.


I will be going to the County Council Meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday 2/22) at 7 pm with Craig Jacks and Levi Patrick (also from Point Roberts) for the purpose of urging the Council to send a letter to everyone in the County and to issue a press release to the media and via their website so people won't be caught flat footed if we go into hyperinflation during the coming year, something that seems increasingly likely.


Craig Jacks just retired from being the Head Lifeguard for the City of Vancouver, a position as important as being the Fire Chief or Police Chief. He is a paramedic and is also an expert permaculturist and arborist. He owns a farm in the Okanogan in BC.


He also is a professional musician and runs the Arts and Music Foundation here in Point Roberts. He is an expert in survival. So am I. We are hoping that Whatcom County will set a preparedness example in developing a contingency plan for economic collapse and by alerting the citizenry and that our good example will be widely emulated across the State and the Country.


We hope a lot of people will come to the Council meeting tomorrow night, and if you can't attend, that you will stay in touch with us on this issue so we can work together to get your ideas, input, suggestions, and thoughts. We would like to see a lot of good things come from our efforts to organize people on this issue.


We'd like to see neighbors reaching out to neighbors. For inspiration we hope lots of people will watch the 1941 classic film "Meet John Doe" starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyk. The film takes place during the Depression and it has an uplifting message about the extreme importance of neighbors helping neighbors. See it for free at the above link.


We'd like to see more community gardening and individual gardens. We'd like to see more cottage industries spring up around sustainable products, things like making herbal tinctures, beekeeping and making honey,setting up alternative energy systems, making probiotic rich foods such as saurkraut, kimchi, kavass and other things like that.


We'd like to see more people get involved with Fourth Corner Exchange LETS system because it can serve as a buffer in the event that the dollar crashes and America becomes the next Zimbabwe, the next Weimar Republic.I just emailed Fourth Corner Exchange wanting to get involved and I hope a lot of people will also. I was part of a LETS system in Virginia and know they work fine!


We'd like to keep the peace if we can, and keep the National Guard out of Bellingham and the rest of the county, state and country.Please realize we're only 9 meals away from social anarchy.


To grasp how we came to be on the edge of this cliff, please watch "The American Dream" by the Provacateur Network. This hard hitting cartoon/documentary explains how the ponzi scheme called fractional reserve banking got foisted off on the people of the world including America.


If enough people grasp the danger we're all in, and get their gardens going early with intention of doing a lot of canning, if more people start raising chickens, if more people lay in food reserves, and if we create food banks for indigent people who lack the ability to make such preparations on their own- we should be able to keep supermarkets from being looted here in Whatcom County, but its going to take work.Craig, Levi and I can't do it without help.


Will some people please step up to help us? We live in Point Roberts, cut off from the rest of the State and country, so we really hope some of you in and around Bellingham will volunteer to assist us.


Attempts to have this conversation with Sheriff Elfo have gone nowhere, but some in the Council are listening. Craig and Levi and I could use some backup on this so its not just us bringing the message. Please come to the Whatcom County Council meeting tuesday night at 7 pm at the Courthouse on Grand Ave, and please bring more people with you.


The county is strapped for cash. They might not act on this unless we get a lot of backup. They might try to use any excuse you can think of not to sound this alarm, but its very important this be done because we've all been set up like bowling pins.


If anyone thinks I'm nuts and paranoid, all I ask is that you ponder the NORMALCY BIAS..... this is a psychological condition that often blocks people from preparing for emergencies, especially if the thing being warned about has never happened before or only rarely so most people have never SEEN it happen, and the thought of it becomes "unthinkable".....


An example of the Normalcy Bias is just before Hurricane Katrina there was a lot of discussion about the strength of the Levees. Many experts warned they were not sound and would break due to no efforts having been made to strengthen them. Warnings were issued about this, but they were widely ignored by people who just couldn't quite believe the levees could actually break.


Well they DID BREAK and a lot of people died because they had not prepared.


You might wonder what qualifies me to sound this alarm. I once lived in an abandoned cabin on an island off the northern coast of Maine for 2 years without electricity or running water. I had a simple choice- chop firewood, build fires in the woodstove, or freeze to death. Haul water from the spring, or die. I lived almost entirely off the land. I did this while I was a destitute trade school student studying naval architecture and boatbuilding.


I was a boatbuilder and professional sailor for years and did a lot of yacht deliveries up and down the eastern seaboard, surviving hurricanes at sea that killed a lot of lesser prepared people.


My dad was a Navy SEAL and when I was in scouts my scoutmaster was a Green Beret who survived two tours in Vietnam. I love the outdoors and have learned to be very self reliant. I don't need the government to survive. My survival instincts were honed to a razors edge.


I am very good at seeing through spin on mainstream news and earn a living as a political lobbyist defending consumer access to dietary supplements and herbs by fighting the FDA in the US and Health Canada north of the line. I've been doing grass roots political organizing professionally since 1989.


Please help me bring this message to the Whatcom County Council. If we all work together on this, we can save lives, and we can improve our own quality of life in the process. A monetary crash could actually be a good thing, there is always a silver lining inside any dark cloud.


Please call me at 800-333-2553 H&W if you'd like to discuss any of this or email me at I welcome all input and assistance! If we do a really good job, more counties nationwide will emulate us. Lets be leaders and help those who most need it, the elderly, the poor, the infirm. Lets knock on doors all over this county and wake people up!!!


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Thanks for writing this. Many of us are working on the kind of preparedness and resiliency you are writing about. Though maybe not enough, fast enough. I have to work right now so can't spend more time replying. i just wanted to say "I hear you, thank you".
I applaud the LETSystem you and others are promoting because anything that can be used to generate business, provide funds for people who need them and allow people to purchase based upon their own labor, trade or goods, is a good, valid system.  Anything that gets people away from the private currency of the central bank in whatever country is also a valid system.  However, there are some drawbacks to the LETSystem.  First, it is only local.  Second, there is a registry that keeps track of everyone and their activities.  Third, some consideration is given for taxes if one uses cash combined with the LETSystem, and information is shared with the Internal Revenue Service.

    All of these are drawbacks and I would not use or encourage others to use such a system.  It sounds like a checks and balances, debits and credits system, run by private individuals, where everyone knows everyone else's business, which to me is another drawback.  It is a step in the right direction because it is an attempt to get away from "the man" and the private currency.  But I have a better suggestion.

    It is an alternative currency based on labor and run by the people through a public bank the people (not the state) control.  It is non interest-bearing and incurs no debt, and is made lawful by the passage of a state law as an alternative currency.  It grants money to the people for specific needs AND to the government, so there is NO taxation necessary.  It can restore the economy of any state that implements in within 30 days.

    The reason is it not based on gold or silver is explained in the attached essay, which describes this currency and the project it is part of, the Stop Federal Tyranny Now! project, which is described at  The essay is 28 pages, but I believe you will find it rather informative.

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