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This is a wonderful animation of the fictional short story by the French writer Jean Giono about Elzéard Bouffier, a shepherd who single-handedly reforested ...

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Comment by Heather K on August 23, 2012 at 2:49pm

One tree creates life for many creatures, and cycles the water from deep below to those that breathe above.  "Restoring the Earth..." .

Sowing seeds for earth restoration in clay pellets, that include soil fungi, bacteria, & a diversity of seeds, is a hands-on strategy we can use on both small & large scale.

The original 1950's title to the vidoe/book mentioned was:

The Man Who Planted Hope and Grew Happiness”.

He was sowing acorn seeds from the great oak tree.


We too can each plant seeds of hope & happiness, adding a diversity of seeds to increase the soil's 'seed-bank', so that as earth's climatic swings increase, there is a larger choice of materials for nature to create with.

I'll add more info to blog as questions arise.

Comment by Celt M. Schira on August 15, 2012 at 9:06pm

Any thoughts from our permies on Giono's fictional reforestation strategy? In the story, the shepherd plants acorns in sheep-grazed dry grassland. Admittedly we have a different climate, but around here a patch of weeds grows blackberries and the blackberries shelter volunteer trees. Without the biomass to shelter it, the tree seedlings suffer. When I read the story, I thought that Giono was proposing too far a leap from grassland to forest. Giono was right about one thing, though. The massif was all old growth oak forest, and when it was logged off for ship building, it never came back. The land dried out, the topsoil was lost, the farmers left and the sheep ate any regrowth. 

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