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At 11:08pm on August 24, 2009, Steve Wilson said…
Thanks for the CLSR posting! Most of us are out of the computer loop except for email. We need to turn that around. Hope you're enjoying summer's excesses.
At 8:03pm on August 21, 2009, Laura Plaut said…
Thanks, Heather - I'd love to meet Sarah - since I don't know how to host a fundraiser on Ning, I'd love to learn that. Thanks so much for your continued support and for all the good work you do! Laura
At 1:35am on August 21, 2009, Forest Garden said…
Hello Heather Thanks for putting all this info up on this site! It's great.
Count me in on the event planning. It will be great to see everyone again. Lake swimming has been fantastic & now all the blackberries are ready so the journey has been fun.
At 10:22pm on August 17, 2009, David Pike said…
Hi Heather,

Just got back from the Summer Meltdown music fest. Fun times. I'm back to shelling peas this eve. I'll look into some of the groups you are starting up but feeling overwhelmed right now with non-internet activities in the garden. Maybe my internet presence will increase as the days grow cooler and shorter?
At 8:38pm on August 7, 2009, Alison Kutz-Troutman said…
AArg! just wrote you a long note then exited before sending. What a geek! How are you?
I was trying to tell you about the upcoming Auction for the CLSR, Which is Sept 12 at the Leopold. I better send a broadcast email to all the design team for the Gardens... that would make more sense!!!! Anyway- things are going okay...just super bzy with FAB- this OSU group- Functional AGricultural Biodiversity - down in Oregon, and digging here 2000 lbs plus garlic that now needs cleaning and braiding, and handling beneficial insect orders with some pretty special accounts.... Has my head spinning a bit!
Trying to put things together for this auction is really a chore! It's a catch 22- we need a commercial kitchen so that we can create appetizers for a fundraiser to earn money to create a commercial kitchen..feels like a complete circle! I hope that people find out about the Sept 12 auction and can support the Center for Local Self Reliance in this journey- as this is how we can make it happen. Also need design assistance for the fence. Things are moving! I will send out a broadcast message! I hope to reach the members of this group so that they can see that we all really want to work together! If we can save this house and make the kitchen and edu space, we will all have a GREAT place for classes and teaching!! Yeah! Ali
At 8:44pm on August 6, 2009, David Pike said…
I just tracked down a copy of Wendall Berry's "Unsettling America; Culture and Agriculture" which I've never had a chance to read. I'm looking forward to it, as I've heard a lot of praise for his writings on farming.
At 9:16pm on August 4, 2009, David Pike said…
It was nice to meet you in person, and yes please add me to the gardening email lists as I am interested in getting more involved with the Bellingham gardening community. Of course most of my time is spent working full time for County Parks, when I would rather be in the garden, but I haven't figured out yet how to make a living growing food - but eventually maybe I will! A little more about my gardening history: I am a former teacher of the Human Ecology class at Fairhaven College where I graduated in 2004, but my knowledge always felt so theoretical that recently I have devoted much study to learning gardening hands on. This year I am growing a "big" garden, 80x60 and it has been wildly succesful, I even vended some produce once at the Ferndale Farmer's market on a donation basis and it was very satisfying to see how much people appreciated it. It's interesting for me to discover just how much growing food is in my blood; if I stick to it I will be a 4th generation Whatcom county farmer in my family. My dad owns a nursery called "Tuxedo Garden" in the Everson area, and I assume that I inherited my green thumbs from him. My grandpa farmed about 700 acres near Everson during his hay day, and my great-grandpa was a farmer up in Kendall. Now I'm a college grad with a writing degree, and all i'm interested in is farming! I wonder just what my family thinks of this....? I'd better get out there now, trying to harvest all the pea seeds before the next rain.
At 11:11am on August 4, 2009, Paul Langevin said…
Hi Heather,

My interest in seed saving comes from a belief that a system that had worked so well for so many thousands of years should not be so easily and quickly replaced with the new "seeds" of the corporate agricultural giants.

Although I am currently an apartment dweller and am only growing patio tomatoes, I hope you will keep me informed as to what is going on locally to encourage growers to move back to the more sustainable way of seed saving.

If I am able help you and your group just let me know. Right now it is easier for me to be more generous with time than money.

I am going to be going to the presentation today at 4:30pm about local small grain growing by Dr. Jones at Inspiration Farm. Thanks for the heads up on this presentation. If you are going to be there look for me.

My wife, Nancy, and I are going to try to bike in from the Cordata bus station.

All the best,
At 11:38pm on August 3, 2009, David Pike said…
I live just East of Britton rd. and drive past the Y rd everyday on my way to work at the County Parks office. I've been in a tipi once, and thought it was very similar to my small yurt which is only a 14' diameter. I am just slightly obsessed with Fukuoka; I think the old guy had it all figured out, and work must be done to translate his wisdom of growing in Japan to other landscapes in the world.
At 3:40pm on July 30, 2009, Chris Wolf said…
Hi Heather, Welcome to the Franklin Park Gardening Club. If you are interested, we are going to have a hot compost pile building lesson at my friend's farm in Laurel this Sunday. We will meet at my house in Bham at 10:30 am and carpool out there. Let me know if you are interested, you can call me at 961 9028 or message me thru Transition Whatcom. Looking forward to meeting you!

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