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Parking Lot Repurposing

A New York Times article from the sunday edition today is highly relevant to the Transition Movement. Michael Kimmelman writes about parking lots and other parking spaces as holding potential for much more democratic uses than enabling consumers to find convenient access to marketplaces, and dwellings to have spaces for tenants.

This is relevant to…


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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Occupation

Published Nov 9 2011      by Post Carbon Institute,       Archived Nov 10 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to the occupation

      by Asher Miller   

Like so many others, we at Post…


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Community Rights Ordinance -Town of Wales, New York

This local law embodies the will of our residents to protect our natural resources from destruction, so our children and grandchildren can have the quality of life we enjoy.” – Councilmember Mike Simon


“Tuesday, June 14th, the Town of Wales, NY, adopted a community rights ordinance titled "Town of Wales Community Protection of Natural Resources.” 



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Celt's Garden - Green Tomatoes and Sweet Onions

Ah, the tomatoes are finally ripening, and the Walla Walla sweets are in. Even before the tomatoes ripen, they can be eaten green. Look for tomatoes that are getting close to turning color, past the hard and sour stage. Slice the tomatoes along the latitude lines (the fat way), about a quarter inch thick. Dip in beaten egg and then cornmeal or finely squished bread crumbs. Fry up gently in a little butter or oil. Fine, fine with your sweet onion omelet.

Green tomatoes also make… Continue

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Childhood deaths, often preventable, US improving much slower than other wealthy nations

Nothing is sadder than and child's death, for a parent or for a society. So why is it that they are so invisible to us in the US?

A recent review of childhood deaths shows that the number of deaths among children less than 5 will drop below 8 million for the first time in 2010. In 1990 there were 11.9 million deaths in this group. The decline in the US is slower than all other wealthy nations, it is on a par with Kazakhstan and Angola (really and literally) with 6.7… Continue

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Life after Growth

In this fascinating article, Richard Heinberg summarizes his forty year journey of discovery that led him to become a persistent voice of warning that our endless growth economy was nearing its conclusion. After the failure of the Copenhagen talks, he says he's done warning, now is the time to create a new future.

"We must assume that a satisfactory, sustainable way of life is achievable in the absence of fossil fuels and conventional economic growth, and go about building it. This… Continue

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Local Media looks at "Peak Oil"

In the Monday October 112, 2009 edition of the Bellingham Herald on page A3:

"Peak Oil" talks set in Denver

DENVER-Proponents of the "peak oil" theory are in Denver to discuss the impacts of what they say is the quickly fading supply of world's oil.

Subscribers of the peak oil theory say the world is at or near its maximum oil production and that demand will soon eclipse supply levels.

Oil industry executives, financial analysts and peak oil… Continue

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