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Justus Peterson’s Journey Towards ‘Greener Pastures’: a Mid-Course Correction

On January 15th, 2016 I went back to work for A-1 Builders after an interim period of 10 years of lucrative employment in the oil industry.

I turned my back on the oil industry for a number of reasons, but ultimately it was for my health, both physical and mental. But my journey goes deeper than being just about me; my journey sheds light upon our culture’s ‘jobs versus the environment’ debate; upon this region’s challenge to manage the explosive nature of oil by rail;…


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Be Working On Yours

This builder doesn’t build house boats.  No, the typical home we work on simply doesn’t float. Not a big deal, unless predictions come to pass that waters may rise.

Data is already in hand confirming the truth of these predictions.  Daily we learn more and more about the perfect storm, brought to you by the science of climate change. Water is expected to rise by such-and-such an amount by so-and-so a date, and, for those of us with eyes open, we’re observing…


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Enough Already

Some of our favorite readerboard quotations are submitted by our friends and neighbors, and one of these recent gems suggests that ‘one must break down before you can break through’. This adage surely rings true as it relates to making lifestyle changes seemingly necessary as our environment deteriorates. Human nature appears to require pain in order to spark change. And the greater the urgency for change, or the more immense the needed change, the more intense must…


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Fossil Fueled Republicans and The Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question


In my final post in the Holiday Smorgasbord series, I want to share two articles that are each directed at (and finding fault with) different ends of the political spectrum. I don’t think the point of either of these articles is to demonize individuals who embrace either conservatism or liberalism, but rather to point out that in general we are not being served by the mainstream political discourse from either perspective. I find these articles…


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A Holiday Smorgasbord Part 1: Climate Change and Pacific Northwest Glaciers

I’m giving thanks that there are so many good sources of information available on the current state of affairs regarding climate, energy, and the environment. Unfortunately most are not showing up in the mainstream media, so we have to search them out.

On a long Thanksgiving weekend, many of us tend to eat a lot, shop a lot, and then veg out in front of ball games or other distractions.

For the next few days I’ll be providing an alternative to how you spend some of your holiday…


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Watching the Watchdogs: 10 Years of the IEA World Energy Outlook


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Crank It Down


I read two related posts today that I wanted to pass on.  The first is John Michael Greer’s latest, which he calls The Beginning of the World.  He begins by discussing the Mayan calendar, and all of the myriad failed predictions, from apocalypse to a…


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Responses to Bill McKibben

This is a continuation of Thursday’s post, “Global. Warming.” We left off discussing Bill McKibben’s phenomenally popular article for Rolling Stone, “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.” A week ago it had already been viewed 450,000 times, and shared 100,000…


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Global. Warming.

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas in 1935. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It sure…


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Bill McKibbon: Spill Baby Spill?

Spill Baby Spill?

by Bill McKibbon,

Dear friends,

The oil spreading across the Gulf is a test, pure and simple.

Think of its twisted outline as a Rorschach ink blot for a society--maybe for a whole civilization. Will we respond in ways deep enough to matter? Or will we see nothing wrong in the devastating

images of the oil slick, and continue on this path of…


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People's Climate Summit Coverage on

You can view a live video feed from the Bolivian People's Climate Summit April 20-22nd.

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"Is a Truly Sustainable Society Achievable As Long As Corporate 'Rights' Trump the Rights of People" . . . . . . . . . Paul Cienfuegos - Audio-Recorded Live Talk" 2/26/10

Quote- "This is Paul Cienfuegos' talk on the ascendancy of corporate rights over the rights of of people as citizens, and how this trend can be reversed. The assertion of corporate over citizen rights came into sharp focus this January with the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision which opens the floodgates of unrestricted corporate money into election campaigns, under the guise of free speech. Countering this trend are citizen revolts, many in small communities, which assert the right…


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Rich countries 'must slash living standards' to fight climate change

From the London Times Online: "Living standards in Britain and other rich countries must fall sharply over the next decade if the world is to avoid catastrophic global warming, according to a leading climate research centre."

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A world day of climate action- Oct 24th, 2009

Thanks to Bill McKibben

Bill reports after his organizing trip around the world. -Lynnette

Dear Friends,

I'm back home with my family for a few days, after the third long organizing trip of the past few months.

In a way, this trip was the most extraordinary, because it took me to places where you wouldn't necessarily expect climate organizing to be going full force. But it is--people everywhere are figuring out that 350 is the most important number on… Continue

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People too overwhelmed to act on climate change, say leading scientists

Article from: Agence

This article shows us we need to engage people in new and creative ways on this issue, so they don't give up and disengage. Hopefully the Transition approach will be found useful in this regard! - David

SCIENTISTS say they are haunted by the failure to convey to the world just how close Earth is to climate catastrophe.

Top researchers who gathered in Copenhagen for a climate change conference said they were worried that people could… Continue

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