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Are you my dream home?


500 square foot above-the-ground apt in a renovated historic home in York, Lettered Streets, Sunnyland or historic Sehome/South Hill.  The apartment has plenty of storage, possibly built in shelves and drawers, wood floors and linoleum, built with environmental-sensitive materials, with a full size kitchen for people who enjoy cooking, and a full-size bath.  Access to laundry facilities.  An organic garden would be an ideal addition in this quiet, clean, safe, affordable and friendly space. . Utilities included in the rent.

Are you a congenial and fair landlord or landlady who is spiritually-minded and environmentally conscientious? 

As a tenant, I use this living space for writing (books), meditating and practicing yoga.  I would like to try my hand at gardening too.  I’m older, responsible, clean, quiet, respectful, courteous. I seek win-win situations based on mutual respect. I can pay up to $600.00 for this ground floor or above apt  I recycle, conserve, compost, and live lightly.


Move-in date for me is the last week of May.  Phone me at six-four-seven  three-four--nine-six


Thank you.

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