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We are new to the Birchwood neighborhood....We've got a garden going here on
Cherrywood ave. There are numerous animal neighbors who swing by daily
now to see what I'm serving in the garden buffet. One deer in particular
loves to wade through the strawberry bed munching as she/he goes and
has just finished off the tips of our sugar snap peas. Seems to prefer
just the tips but pulls up the whole plant in the process of nibbling
and leave the uprooted pea plant laying there. I'm always seeing
squirrels out there. They seem to investigate where ever I've been
working the soil leaving little dug up areas. Maybe they think I, like
them, have hidden some nuts. Or maybe they are leaving me some of their
peanuts which the next door neighbors give to them. I knew there'd be
slugs but I didn't expect pill bugs to eat the veggies. I find them
burrowed down at the base of the new bean spouts and a few other young
starts. A google search on pill bugs brought up the info that the pill
bugs mostly eat decaying stuff (yeah) but will also go for the tiny new
rootlets of sprouting vegetables especially green beans and squash
plants...Bingo! that is what I observe. Even certain birds like to
sample the green starts and greatly mangle them in the process. Deer
strolling through the newly planted, and tiny starts get trompled.....

I am simultaneously tickled and disappointed. Tickled to see all the
animals and their gusto for life, disappointed that my hard work is
thwarted.....I tell myself not to expect much food from this garden this
year....And to appreciate the healthy exercise I get gardening and the hours of peaceful
time close to the earth. Yes I do love it.

I see that other people have netting strung up around their gardens. To
keep out deer I assume. What about squirrels, rats birds rabbits and
_______? I've seen all of these folks in our garden too.

Any one willing to tell me what works for them? Give me a call: Angela

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I will share my tips with you on Sunday!!! jasmin
I seem to have a gopher moving onto my property. Anyone have suggestions on measures to send him/her away before one becomes more?


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