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I'm trying to get the ball rolling for some more pedal powered moves. When there’s an actual event planned it will go out on the TW calendar. Until then, I’ll be using this discussion as
a means to organize folks and to post related information. If you have an interest,
let me know, or just follow this discussion.


If you’re not sure what a bike move is all about, here’s some links to check out: 


The biggest difficulty I’ve had in past efforts to organize bike moves is finding someone moving who wants to have their stuff moved by bike, has a move that is
appropriate for pedal power and wants to turn their move into a community event. So what is a move appropriate for pedal power? A
relatively flat distance of less than 7 miles is probably ideal. What’s
relatively flat? Well, I’d say any grades of significant distance should be
less than 8% and any short hills less than 12%. More extreme situations are definitely
possible but I’d like to keep the first few moves accessible to riders of
varying abilities. That way we can turn them into festive events where a broad
range of folks can participate and come together to demonstrate how the power of community can accomplish things that most folks believe is impossible without the use of fossil fuels... and have fun while doing it.


If any of you want to put the word out to potential movees please do so. You now know what an appropriate move is, soon I’ll be posting some follow up info on what is needed
to make a bike move happen, various options for hauling cargo on a bike, some
ideas I have for bike move events, and some other related info. Meanwhile feel
free to ask questions if you have any.

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I found this craigslist listing for a heavy duty bike trailer:
My family is moving probably in mid-June and we'd like to have a bike-move (I'm trying to sell my husband on the idea anyway). We live in the Columbia neighborhood (flat) and are planning to move one block. What is involved in getting it set-up?
Elizabeth Hartsoch
Step one would be to get consensus in the household. Then it would just be a matter of setting a date and rounding up the troops.

I have to admit the one block distance is throwing me for a bit of a loop. I have a group of people lined up to help out with bike moves that I have connected with mainly through my postings in the cycling section of craigslist. I'd have to see how much interest there would be for a move that was only one block.

If the move would otherwise be done by truck and you and your husband are willing to commit to the carfree week or the carlite month (preferably the carfree week) then I'm up for it. Let me know.
Oops... forgot to reply when you posted this. I did check it out. That was a great deal and if it would have been closer to home I would have seriously considered it. Please let me know if you ever see a deal like that on a heavy duty trailer in the ham.


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