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Educational meetings & walks within Whatcom & Skagit county.

Many are free to public or require low-cost membership..


 If I've missed adding a good link, please comment.


Listing of Local Monthly Club Meetings & Grange Halls:


Washington Native Plant Society – Koma Kulshan

Meets most 3rd Weds & open to public. Offers hikes/walks/camping events. Link-



Birchwood Garden Club

The friendly urban garden club, open to all.   Meets once a month, but not all months (usually 1st  Weds)

( Attend as my guest or join the club! )



Everson Garden Club

Members meet 2nd Weds of most months 7pm and hold one of the best spring plant sales!




Northwest Mushroomers Association

Join to receive emails of presentations, walks, survivors banquet- Meets most 2nd Thursday. Learn your mushrooms with an expert before using or collecting! See website for specific dates!



North Cascades Audubon Club  

Meets most 4th Tuesdays & offers birdwatching walks & camping events. Open to public.. Link-



Mt. Bakers Beekeepers Meeting 

Most most second Weds of month-

Attend as my guest or join the club. Meets near airport.



Goshen - Everson & Squalicum Neighbors!   Rome Grange Garden Club- “Come and learn more about our garden club and consider joining us for monthly gardening programs. Our club always meets at 7:00 pm the first Thursday of each month at the Rome Grange 2821 Mt Baker Highway, Bellingham, WA 98226 “


Master Gardener Foundation Club Meetings

Most 2nd Thursdays of the month. 6:30 non-formal social time, and 7:00pm with guest speakers.

The meetings are open to the public & free of charge. Bring a friend!

Location: WSU Whatcom County Extension Office, 1000 North

Forest Street, Bellingham. Please use the Laurel St. entrance.

Weeder's Digest-



D.U.P.I. Garden Club Meeting

Meets most 3rd Tues of the month 12:00-2:30pm. BYO Lunch.

Cordata Community Coop.

Check Herald paper for current details.


Dahlia Club

Meets most 1st Mondays 7pm at Laurel Grange and offers annual spring tuber sale (usually 1st Sat in April ) and annual flowering dahlia judged show.  We have some of the top dahlia hybridizers in our area!  Dahlias are from Mexico & tubers used to be eaten...I've not yet found a tasty one...but plenty of beauty & pollen for the bees!


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Whatcom County Local Grange Halls-Contacts-Links

(scroll down on link & click on Whatcom)-

Learn  where your closest grange is at and connect in.


Rome #226
2821 Mt. Baker Hwy, Bellingham
Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesdays at 7:00pm
Rental contact: Judy - (360)671-9217.
 judyvanb25  -at-


Ten Mile #399
6958 Hannegan Rd., Lynden
Meets 2nd Thursdays at 7:30pm
Rental contact: Lew - (360)733-4487
olgaskill -at-

Laurel #208
6172 Guide Meridian, Lynden
Meets 2nd Saturdays at 1:00pm
Rental contact-Jill - (360)398-7455
E-mail  jmhorgen


Haynie #169
3344 Haynie Rd., Custer
Meets 2nd & 4th Fridays at 7:30pm
Rental contact: Cindy - (360)366-5623
leximama99  -at-

North Bellingham #201
Corner of Northwest Rd & Smith Rd
Meets 1st Thursdays at 1:00pm
Rental contact: Mike - (360)752-2453
polspindoctor  - at-

Hopewell #518
3441 Hopewell Rd. Everson
Meets 1st Thursdays at 7:00pm
Rental contact: Gary - (360)671-3689

Lummi Island #925
2215 N. Nugent Rd., Lummi Island
Meets 1st Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Rental contact: Leslie - (206)818-9500
leslie -at-


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Master Gardener Foundation – often meets 2nd Thursday of the month.

For details, see the 'Weeder's Digest' at -


Quote: “The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM at

the WSU Whatcom County Extension Offi ce, 1000

North Forest Street, Bellingham. Please use the

Laurel Street entrance.

As always, the evening will begin with our non-formal

social time beginning at 6:30 PM, the meeting 7:00

PM with the quest speaker..As always, our meetings are open to the public and

free of charge. Bring a friend! "


quote: “Master Gardener Volunteer Educators are available regularly during the gardening season to answer your questions. We enjoy the challenge of figuring out what's wrong with your plants and helping you solve your horticultural puzzles. Whether you want to know what's chewing on your rhododendrons, the straight scoop on composting, or how much fertilizer to put on your lawn and when to apply it, the Master Gardeners of Whatcom County can help! We are trained to offer research-based information about what to do to prevent problems. Preventative measures may minimize the need for drastic corrective measures that are potentially more damaging to the environment as well as to the home gardener.

As Master Gardeners, we are committed to stewardship gardening through the practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). A healthy landscape requires much more than simply spraying pests. It demands knowledge of your plants' cultural needs and the proper diagnosis of problems. We can help you make your home garden the best it can be, all at no cost to you.

Master Gardeners are available weekdays at the County Extension office, (360) 676-6736 or beginning in March on Wednesdays and Saturdays at Hovander Park, working in the demonstration plot and offering Plant Clinics from 9 a.m. until noon.

We'll most likely ask you to bring samples of that pesky bug, mystery weed, diseased branch or flower into the office at 1000 N. Forest Street. Pack up your questions in a zip-lock bag, and bring them to us!! If we don't have an answer, we have the resources of Washington State University and the USDA to help us find out exactly what's bothering that prized plant of yours. Call us for assistance before you have a problem, too. We'll tell you when to plant your bulbs and prune your fruit trees and clip those perennials. “

*Most Frequently Asked Questions to Master Gardeners

Foothill & Squalicum rural neighbors:

Rome Grange Garden Club- Usually meets the first Thursday of each month 7pm at the Rome Grange

2821 Mt Baker Highway, Bellingham, WA 98226.

Quote from Herald paper:

“Come and learn more about our garden club and consider joining us for monthly gardening programs.”


Note- The Rome Grange is often available for other meetings

 and sometimes has a tailgate farmer at their events:

 *       .*       .*     .*

Also see rural Everson Garden Club (info & link above)


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