Transition Whatcom

Come help us build an earth oven in our backyard!

Saturday, July 23, 1pm - 5pm.

We will be having a cob-a-licious time, mixing with our feet,

building with ourt hands, and enjoying the sunshine :)


(Well, cross your fingers for sunshine!  If it's raining, we'll postpone until a sunny day...)



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Dear Kate

Sounds wonderful and the weather perfect. I am not sure if I will be in town or not but please give me your address ! I am still working on my ferro cement garden walls down in Chuckanut Village, but it would be really interesting to check out your oven technique. Alison

I will plan on being there!


Hi Kate, where on Portal Drive is your home for work-party & the crossstreet?  I have your number as 303 641-8145.

If you cancel can you be sure to let us know on this discussion in the am?  Some parts of B'ham have sunshine while other parts are raining.

Hi, everyone!  Here is my address - I realize I should have put the whole thing on there! ;)


*1421 Portal Drive - we are in a BRIGHT blue house with a red door, a driftwood fence and a big hop vine. *

and yes, that is my number - feel free to give me a call if you need directions or anything...


I will defnintely let you all know first thing in the am if the weather up here looks funky for cobbin'...but hopefully it will be sunny :)


See you soon!


Hi again ~ I am not sure how to edit the listing yet, but I wanted to post my address again - it's 1421 Portal Drive.  We are off of Electric avenue, and kitty corner from Lafeen's Donuts, a block away from the entrance to Whatcom Falls Park.  Feel free to call me - 303-641-8145





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