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When I meditate, I see sound healers clearing morphogenetic fields in the Bellingham area.  These fields of energy are related to Bellingham's industrial past, as well as, injuries and suffering caused to various ethnic groups, including the local Indians.


We need to clear these fields now, especially with all the earth changes because similar to a human body with meridians, the earth has acupuncture points and meridians too, it needs unblocking and healing of energy--or disipatation of energy.


Are there any sound healers, alternative healers or musicians in this group that will join with me in visiting various sites around the city to clear morphongenetic fields and to also charge Whatcom Lake and Whatcom Falls.  We don't need Masters degrees or certification to do this work, just pure hearts.


Please contact me at wholemusicexp at gmail dot com


My goal is to gather 5 to 10 dedicated healers and musicians for this work.  Let's do it this summer.  Raise those frequencies and those coal trains will stop passing through here.  In quantum physics, low and high vibrations cannot co-exist.

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