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Meeting Minutes by Kyler Boyes


During this meeting we enjoyed trials of group process techniques that are new for this group. We enjoyed this learning experiment. We may try to use other group process ideas in future meetings.

This is an evolving group which wishes to draw interest from those who have not attended, and renew interest for those that have. We are open to new people coming to participate, and be involved.

- Thanks for reading- Kyler



Next Meeting will begin with:

  1. Check in- introduce yourself...
  2. think/listen activity (if appropriate)



Consensus Decision #1

  1. Agenda will now be begun at the end of each meeting.
  • We will try to create a good beginning to the next meeting, by discussing an Agenda for the next meeting.
  • Agenda topics can be added between meetings online.
  • Agenda can include last minute additions.

The purpose for this decision as I understand the intents of participants:

  1. Create a concrete continuation of meetings.
  2. Inspire interest in meetings for newcomers and current/former attendees through concrete representation of The Agenda.


Consensus Decision #2



  1. ARC will now be the title of the working group (Actions for Resilient Communities)
  • This may be Transition Whatcom ARC
  • Whatcom ARC
  • Or other, but ARC is agreed



Goals and Objectives discussed:


  1. We seem to have a consensus at this meeting that:
  • An educational resource is the central goal/objective of this working group EDAP/ARC.
  • Resource is meant to draw from knowledge/experience of other working groups ie; Personal Finance, Reskilling, Food Security, Heart and Soul, etc... As well as community members independent of work groups.


Stated Actions:


  1. Tris will Blog about Process for Operating this Educational Resource.


Proposed Actions:


  1. Unaquainted Members attending this meeting will participate in experimental wiki site- beginning of Educational Resource



Agenda for next meeting at the end:


  1. Process for Operating Wiki Site- Educational Resource
  2. Change the name for work group on the Ning Site- EDAP becomes ARC- How to Change? What to change to Exactly? Transition ARC? Whatcom Transition ARC?



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THANKS KYLER, Looks good


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