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Hello all! We're a community household on the South side of Bellingham with a room open starting Sept. 1. Are you looking to live in and be a part of a sustainable-minded community? We're looking for a someone who's enthusiastic about living in community, with past experience being a plus. Looking for someone in their 30s or 40s, pref. a female, to balance out our demographic, but we are flexible. We do bulk grocery orders, eat dinners together, and have weekly meetings. We have awesome, permaculture-designed gardens, and are working on having open, compassionate communication with each other so we can learn to live in a longer-term, harmonious atmosphere....And you do still get to have an outside life on top of that! If your'e interested please contact Shana at 739-0285, for more details, we'd love to meet ya.

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Sounds like a wonderful offer...If I wasn't married and working in my own paradise I'd jump to come join yours!!!! May just the right person be gifted and gift back to you........jasmin


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