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I am wanting to build a bicycle powered generator. Anyone interested in helping me? I have an old, small gas powered generator with a blown engine, I was going to try to use that as the generator. But I need electrical help, I hooked up my bike and spun the alternator section of this generator but was not able to get any electrical generation, I think I need to connect a small load to it in order to get it to generate? If this unit does not work, I was going to just buy a 12 volt DC motor (1/6 to 1/4 hp) and follow the plans to build one like theirs shown below. I ordered their plans.

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wow Travis,
this guy looks serious, hes not working to hard though.. I built one using plans from pedal- a- watt from a stationary bike stand and an old generator. Ive got plans back home (Im in the southwest till jan) maybee we could build two? good luck!
Hi Travis, I used to work as a bicycle mechanic years ago, but don't have the electrical knowledge...just lots of old spare bicycle parts...
I've used a bicycle powered machine to run a smoothie blender while gardening in Maui, and I have pictures.
The smoothie stands' bike was very simple and I don't think any batteries connected.
Brian at Inspiration would also be interested as we've visioned about getting folks together to build something.
I think if we got Laura S interested, the 4 or more of us could make something happen by mid January.
Thanks for the input, I am currently trying to find a suitable electric motor for cheap, I placed a wanted add on craigslist but no hits. I would be very interested in build more than one unit, or get others involved. The demand is no doubt there.

Hi Travis,

What did you use to determine whether you were generating electricity or not?  A meter?  A lightbulb?  Your tongue?


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