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Place to post any useful links to detailed community documents that express their legal community structure for membership and ownership, and also their decision making process, and guidelines for selecting 'board members' or delegating authority.


EarthHaven Ecovillage:



O.U.R. Ecovillage:


Port Townsend EcoVillage



Brietenbush Hot Springs Community & Worker Owned Cooperative

( a Retreat & Conference Center)


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Though I did have posted a link to Earthaven Ecovillage, I was unable to find the specific info link to purchasing their complete foundational documents, that Cindi L. referred to at our June 2010 meeting.
Possibly those could be posted by someone else at another time as they did sound useful.
Fellowship for Intentional Communities has now videos fom various communities (link below)...worth watching. I wonder if thee are movies that we could show as part of building awareness and sharing information..I heard of Utopia ut have not seen it. Any others?
Attached is the Community Sustainability Assessment tool created by the Global Ecovillage Network addressing ecological, social and spiritual sustainability....


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