Transition Whatcom

A Win-Win-Win-Win Proposition*

Join us as we study The Transition Companion, by Rob Hopkins. (review)

  • Win #1 - You will learn the history and principles behind the Transition Town movement, which is transforming communities around the world.
  • Win #2 - You will learn what other communities are actually doing -- what worked well, what didn't.
  • Win #3 - You will explore the Head (what do we need to know?), the Heart (how do we feel and how do we relate to one another?), and the Hands (what do we need to DO?) of Transition.
  • Win #4 - You will connect with other Transition Whatcom folks (including the TWOG: TW Organizing Group) and begin envisioning a more resilient and vibrant community here in Whatcom County and your neighborhood.

We are currently planning to meet the first Thursday of the month (once per month) from 6:30 to 8:00pm.  There is some flexibility here, depending on need and interest.

Ownership of the book would be helpful, but not necessary.  If you have the earlier Transition Handbook, we will have some comparison between the two.  Many important parts of the Transition Companion are available online as the Transition Ingredients.

If you have any interest, please let me know.  Email miles58 at yahoo dot com, or call 360-733-3541.


* In the spirit of non reinventing the wheel, most of this blurb was borrowed from another initiative in Nashville that formed a study group.

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Count me in! Looking forward to it.

Count me in!

Please include me in the book discussion.

Thank you

Hi David, 

Thank you for leading this class! 

How long do you think the class will be.  Is there a fee for the class?  ~  Jamie

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the questions.  There is no fee, and it is not so much a class as it is group study; I'm hoping everyone will have something to contribute.  Once the group starts meeting we will discuss how deep into the material we want to go (how many chapters to cover per session), and thus how long we want to take with it. 

For the first few sessions at least I'm seeing it as an open group, meaning people will be allowed to drop in or drop out as it suits them; but this is another aspect we can decide as a group.


So far we have about 10 people showing interest.



We have reserved the Northwest room at the Fairhaven library for the first meeting. Thursday Dec 6th from 6:30PM till 8:30PM.

1117 12th Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


We have reserved the Northwest Room at the Fairhaven Library for our first meeting on Thursday Dec 6th from 6:30 till 8:30PM.

1117 12th St

Bellingham, WA 98225

360 778 7188 

Great first meeting with around 10 people attending! Thanx David for facilitating our initial discussion. We covered the Introduction and First Chapter. It would be easy for new members to catch up with us.

The next meeting will be on Jan 3rd at 6:30PM. Location TBD. We will discuss Chapters 2 and 3.

Join the new 'TW Book Study Group' group here:

Next meeting Jan. 3rd: Event listing here:

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