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I'd like to include discussions regarding biogas generation in this group, if no one objects.

Brian from Inspiration Farms and I have discussed and plan on building a small scale biogas digester this spring and start planning for a larger unit that can handle the waste generated from his farm and collect the gas for cooking, lighting, heating and possibly powering a generator is sufficient volume is produced (possibly only during summer months). Ideal use of this biogas is to have it fuel a fuel cell and produce electricity much more efficiently and quietly than a generator.

Here is the pdf of the manual that we are going to use to help us with our full scale digester.

Here is a good video Brian found:

Anyone want to volunteer and help with this project?

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TOM, did you get the e-book? How is it? Can you e-mail me a copy to

Tom Fisher said:
Hi all,

I just joined and noticed this discussion. I personally am interested, and would like to meet with you about it, and help with it to. Also, would like to make video of it for my website.

I've been looking at an ebook on 'Build A Biodigester To Produce Biogas At Home', that teaches how to do this. Let me know if you have heard anything about it. I am about to get it myself.

I think biogas/methane is a very good way to go, but the commercial ones are way to expensive.

Looking forward to meeting.

Here is some interesting info on a small unit for sale in india for converting food waste into biogas. Brian (Inspiration farms) and Tom Anderson build one along these lines. I want to build one too for my household compost waste.


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