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San Francisco Vegan visiting Bellingham for the 1st time mid-January for possible relocation.

Hi everyone.

I'm a San Francisco Vegan visiting Bellingham for the 1st time mid-January for possible relocation. Would love to have recommendations for cafes/grocery stores (aside from Whole Foods, Trader Joes). Would also love to hear from folks willing to discuss how B'ham is working on transition.  I live just south of San Francisco in a house that faces the ocean and very heavy winds. I am no longer able to upkeep the home due to ravages of the weather, which will intensify with climate change. I realize Bellingham is going to deal with sea level rise and a potential Cascadia quake/tsunami. What else can you tell me about how Bellingham might ride down climate collapse? Peace/Love, Amy

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How did you hear about Bellingham? I don't know about surviving a tsunami but we have 50 mph winds during the winter months. If you can handle an average of 36 inches of rain with the wind you might like it. Definitely visit the downtown Community Coop. Good luck : )

Thanks so much. Pacifica gets super windy also. I have known about Bellingham from maps...i"m a map geek. I've been to Seatlle many times but never made it further north. Rain is good.  Right now, California fears long term drought. I'd rather live in the rain. Thanks so much for advice on the Co-op!  What, if anything, is most concerning to you about B'ham/transition, etc?  Thanks, Amy

Welcome to Bellingham Amy (when you get here) If you like the outdoors, water, half of the annual rainfall as the Oregon Coast where I used to live (34" here and 70" there) then you will love it here. My wife and I are vegans also and we do just fine here. The Community Food Co-op is where we buy our organic veggies and lots of other stuff. They are a wonderful organization so we support them. Check out a blog called "Vegan in Bellingham". The author, Clarissa, has done an amazing job of reporting on all kinds of restaurants. If you move here you won't be sorry. This is a really cool place. Especially today.

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